Asha's origin story began as an early learning professional and consultant. She has had the honour of working in day cares, out of school care programs, with programs such as ABC Headstart, Connect Society, Community Options, the City of Edmonton, as well as creating and being the lead teacher of a health and wellness preschool in Edmonton. Her work has earned her a Professional Award of Excellence in Innovative programming with the Government of Alberta and an ever-growing relationship with the community. She has lead charity projects with children such as the Sunshine Garden and Bag of Hope. She began teaching Kids yoga in 2013 and since has taught yoga to hundreds of children including but not limited to toddler programs, daycare programs, oosc programs and various studios in the city. 

She firmly believes that all children have the right to grow though movement and mindfulness, and that yoga can be practiced anywhere, by anyone, at any time. Her yoga teachings have been quoted as inclusive and liberating. 

Asha would like to help empower parents and early learning professionals to bring mindfulness to the children in their lives.