Support for parents and Guardians

Private Yoga


Practice acknowledgement
I, Asha Thomas, would like to acknowledge that the practice of yoga was developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. I acknowledge that Yoga is a way of life, based off a profound philosophy; and I strive to live it in all that I do, including off of the yoga mat.
I acknowledge, and honored to the thousands of years of yogic tradition originating in South Asia, and am humbled by the many teachers, and their teachers who have helped me share this knowledge and practice with my clients.

Prenatal Yoga


Classes include key elements for quieting the breath and mind which can benefit both during pregnancy and during labour. Customize your prenatal classes to

  • birthing prep (including cesarean birth prep)

  • prepping for birth anxiety

  • moving through past traumatic birth experiences

  • prep for postpartum mood disorder

  •  mindfulness around growing family dynamics

  • tailored poses and movement for uncomfortable pregnancy related concerns

  • attempting to turn a breached baby through Spinning Babies® techniques

Yoga Stretches

Postpartum Yoga (6 weeks +)

Movement specifically for the birthing parent after delivery. This class can be customized for education and movement specialized towards your diverse needs such as pelvic floor support, adjustments and modifications, problem areas after birth and slowly rebuilding your practice to support the foundation back into your body. These classes are best suited once cleared by your birth provider and/or pelvic floor physiotherapist. 

Postpartum Yoga & Mindfulness (day 3 + *)

Yoga through movement is not suggested before your 6th week; however there are many parts of yoga that can still be completely beneficial for parents suffering from mood disorders and postpartum blues. These can include Yoga Nidra (also known as sleep yoga), Restorative yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation.

*These sessions should still be run by your birthing professional before signing up.

Mom and baby movers.jpg

My parent & Me classes 

Baby and me classes are geared specifically to building a relationship between baby and parent. Supporting attachment in relationships builds better brains. These classes can be made customized towards either parenting mindfulness or baby and parent interactions such as song, movement and games.

These classes are supportive towards your child(ren) from birth until three years old.

Family classes

Yoga is an amazing way to build bonds and set guidance for children and their parent(s). These classes are super customizable! Fantastic for ages 3+.

Specialized private classes

Asha offers many styles of custom yoga practices which include but are not limited Partner yoga, Healing from Birth Trauma yoga, Meditation classes and Spinning Babies® techniques.

Please contact Asha specifically for more details on the specialized classes.

Why private classes?

Deep dive into your personal practice with sessions customized to your life. 

You have the ability to ask questions, discuss concerns or build the class around the time and location which best benefits you.

There is no need to struggle with childcare or special travel requirements. 

Customize private sessions can be done in person or via zoom.

What you need for private classes with Asha.

Asha comes ready with her own mat, and props**. If you have your own mat and props that's excellent, but not required. We can use pillows, blanket and couch cushions. Just let her know and she will bring along anything you need**.

Pricing and discounts

Specialty discounts

Second trimester / 6-12 week postpartum discount - $35.00per 60 minutes

Third trimester / birth to 6 weeks discounts - $33.00 per 60 minutes

Family and group packages -packages are made in reflection to the families needs and time frame.

*packages available when booked for ongoing sessions

Doula client discounts.


One to one: $55.00 per 60 minutes

Add an adult: $12.00per hour up to five people (including babies up to crawling)

6-10 people : $150.00 per 60 minutes

10 plus people: $14.00 per 60 minutes/ per student

Packaged rate: (1:1): Discounts available based on trimester and amount purchased at the same time.

A sliding scale is offered upon discussion. Yoga should be accessible to you so please feel comfortable connecting with me for a quick chat to discuss the options. 

Class locations include: Your home (fees apply for long distances), online, at our private studio* and outside!

* Some prices due to increase in studios.

Covid Health and Safety protocols:


To ensure the health and safety of yourself and your family, Asha comes following strict Covid regulations. This includes but is not limited to handwashing upon arrival, masks etc. If you have any additional requests or questions do not hesitate to ask. 

Zoom sessions can also be scheduled, and may be required depending on Alberta's current regulations. If a zoom session is booked, Asha will connect with you after a payment is received a link will be sent to you.