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Conferences, Workshops and Professional Development for Early Learning Professionals 

Teach kids yoga

Do you want to integrate movement and mindfulness into your classroom, preschool, dayhome, daycare or out of school care? Do you want to know more about how to use classroom management and programming to create a curriculum the children in your classroom want to participate in? Using yoga, child care practitioners and teachers can integrate age appropriate and interest-based programming to teach these important skills. During this workshop Asha will teach educators how to use yoga to get students moving and laughing. 


ABCs for Calm Kids 

Helping to teach children to self regulate and calm down in anxious moments can help to reduce social anxiety, separation anxiety and stress.  As an early learning facilitator, you will learn techniques to help children self-calm, focus and regulate their emotions.  Included in these techniques will be the use of the acronym ABCDE (Affirm, Breath, Connect, De-stress and Elevate) in which we will look into appropriate practices to help children feel empowered, learn how to calm fears and anxiety.

Calm Teachers, Calm Kids 

Teaching and working with young children can be the most rewarding and satisfying job; yet can also be the most stressful and time consuming. Often teachers put their entire heart, soul and time into creating rich programming leaving themselves as educators drained and stressed out. This workshop will teach early learning professionals and teachers the basics of meditation, breathing techniques, gentle chair yoga, useful yoga postures for stress release and personal care approaches to be the best versions of themselves for their students.

Create a Workshop

Using content, experience and passion, Asha can create engaging and supportive workshops to benefit any workshop you are offering. Please feel comfortable approaching Asha to create an exciting and supportive workshop that reflects your topics.

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