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Asha Thomas is passionate about working with the families.

She brings in diversity, experience, passion and a sense of unity.

Visit Asha's 'About Me' page to find out more about Asha or email to request references or a formal resume

Studio contract 

Hire Asha at your studio for

School/Daycare Contract 

Hire Asha at your school for

  • Kids yoga classes (gym or in class)

  • Wellness and kindness club leader

  • School Wellness Facilitator

  • Teacher yoga classes

Corporate Contract 

Hire Asha at your business for corporate function, during lunch for staff wellness or after work. 

Group Contract 

Hire Asha for groups settings (such as a moms group or event) either in studio (Little Lotus) or at a location of your choosing.

Private Contract 

Hire Asha for private sessions in studio (two studios based on needs) or at a location of your choosing. This contract is fantastic for individuals or families who cannot make it to group classes, want a more tailored class or need special requirements.

Workshop bookings

Asha brings over a decade of knowledge in Early Learning and Child Care and Wellness. She has experience facilitating discussions with parents and educators, coordinating staff development, and providing mentor-ship to other teachers. Asha provides keynote speeches and workshops using the most recent research and information to assist clients, educators and parents to use Yoga and Mindfulness in their own classes or their own practices.

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