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Support for parents and Guardians

Teach your kids yoga

Do you want to integrate movement and mindfulness into your morning routine, bed time routine or throughout the day? Creating a yoga routine for the whole family can offer many benefits! Parents can use yoga to connect with children as well as help their children self regulate. Join Asha as she covers the science of yoga and shows parents some basic moves and expectations for Kids Yoga.

ABCs for Calm Kids 

Helping to teach children to self regulate and calm down in anxious moments can help to reduce social anxiety, separation anxiety and stress.  As a parent you will learn techniques to help children self-calm, focus and regulate their emotions.  Included in these techniques will be the use of the acronym ABCDE (Affirm, Breath, Connect, De-stress and Elevate) in which we will look into appropriate practices to help children feel empowered, learn how to calm fears and anxiety.

Calm Parents, Calm Kids 

Being a parent can be the most rewarding and satisfying milestone in our lives; yet can also be the most stressful and time consuming.  This workshop will help parents learn the basics of meditation, breathing techniques, gentle chair yoga, useful yoga postures for stress release and personal care approaches to be the best versions of themselves for their children.

Learn to Meditate for parents

Prior to a family self care was long and deep. Hours at the gym or deep relationships with self. Parents now have five minutes between activities, planning dinner, coming to and from work and house hold chores. This workshop is wonderful for all parents and guardians to learn how to utilize the science of mindfulness and fit it into the transitions of your day.

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