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Ptakatak Photography

| Parent Mentor | Birth Worker | Mindfulness Facilitator |

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Yoga | Movement | Breath

Yoga has incredible benefits from conception, throughout pregnancy, into postpartum and beyond; mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Using movement, mindfulness and breathwork, Asha empowers people to connect to self with the power of yoga, through play, and mindfulness 

  • Prenatal Yoga.

  • Postpartum Yoga.

  • Kids Yoga (in studios and private for child care centres and preschools)

  • Yoga for Birth Trauma survivors.

  • Yoga for labour & and delivery.

  • Birth Education through Yoga.

  • Birthing From Within with Yoga.

Doula | Parenting | Mentoiring

Doulas have scientifically been proven to add benefits to a families birth 

  • Reduces epidural and analgesic requests

  • Increases breastfeeding initiation and continuation

  • Increases parents satisfaction of birth experience

  • Can reduce the incidence of postpartum mood disorders

  • Increases new parents’ confidence in the care of their newborn

But most importantly, Asha is there to be in your corner.

To help you advocate for yourself while being able to be in the moment and connect with your inner knowing.

Newborn Baby with Mom

teacher | mother | birth worker

Asha was born and raised in Edmonton, AB.
A mother of two, a child development specialist, a birth attendant, postpartum support, a birth mentor, a storykeeper, and a birth advocate. 

Bodywork Certifications 
EYT 200 Yoga Teacher
Kids yoga teacher certification
Fertility, prenatal and postpartum
yoga teacher certification
Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher

Meditation coach

Birth worker training
Postpartum Doula  CAPPA
Birth Educator and Mentor BFW
Spinning Babies training 

Education, workshops and other modalities/CEU
Early Childhood development  MacEwan University
Nervous system and Trauma informed Sacred Story Keeper JS Coaching
The science beh
ind low milk supply LSM


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