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Crisis support for immediate prenatal and postpartum depression
If it is an emergency please dial 911 as soon as possible.
Crisis Support
There is also access through calling 211 for mental health strategies and support.
24 hour pregnancy crisis line - 1-800-665-0570

Paternal/Maternal Mental Health Support
Therapy for Moms - Supports for all walks of parenting.
Jennifer Summerfeld - Healing After Birth Program 
Caroline Andersen 

Penny Waller Ulme - R. Psych. Mind-Body-Life Wellness including

Pine Integrated Health Center - Counselling Psychologist
Kristine Aanderson - Perinatal counselor
Pacific Postpartum Support Society 
Texting support from anywhere in Canada - from 11:00 am MST (10:00 am PDT) - 4:00 pm MST (3:00 PDT)  -

Grief and Bereavement support
AHS Early pregnancy loss
Postpartum support international - Loss and grief in pregnancy support

Healing hearts community

Heal my Heart - Grief Counselling
Angel whispers
Hazels Heroes - For mothers postpartum who have lost a child; birth to twelve years old
Carry you with me  - For people who have been through pregnancy, infant or child loss.
Pregnancy after Loss Support


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