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-Birth Mentoring and Education -

Labour & Birth support


Birthing mentors [doulas] have been supporting families through pregnancy, labour and birth within many spaces throughout history.  
Although the term Doula wasn't coined until the '60s, we were your neighbours, friends and family. Today, we work on a multidisciplinary model to coach and cheer you on, emotionally, mentally and physically through the process. 

Doula support has been scientifically documented to reduce the use of birthing with medication, the need for birth interventions and deliveries via cesarean. As a birth support facilitator, I work to ensure parents and birthing people, have better feelings about their experience.

Read more about the scientific evidence on doulas here.
My background includes almost two decades of supporting and mentoring families as a child development specialist and liaison. I am a certified Trauma Informed birth worker, have certifications in fertility yoga, prenatal yoga, family yoga and meditation coaching,
and trained with Birthing from Within as a doula and birth educator.

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-Postpartum Mentoring and Education -

Postpartum support

From the beginning of time communities have gathered around gestational parents and their families to welcome the new baby Earth side. Through the development of cities and the change of roles in the home, birthing parents have found themselves miles, if not oceans away from their families and loved ones. And often, when you live even moments away our daily lives no longer support the ongoing challenges of parenting.

After the birth of my first born I saw the realism of postpartum that no one can prepare you for. The longing for connection, the need for resources, the compassion for the new challenges and the consistent lack of support. I had already been working with families as a liaison and preschool teacher. In early learning, we understand that children are the foundation for our future, but in this moment I witnessed an Aha moment that parents are the cement of that cavillation. By nurturing the parents to ensure no cracks, strong roots and leveled grounding, children will find themselves stronger, braver and more honest.

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