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Labour & Birth support

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Birthing mentors [Doula's] have been supporting families through pregnancy, labour and birth, in many spaces through time.  Doulas work on a multidisciplinary model  to coach you and cheer you on, emotionally, mentally and physically.
Doulas do not replace anyone else on the birth team, such as the partner, but instead work with the team like a well cared for wheel, keeping the birth smooth and supported.

Doulas are known to reduce the chances of birthing through a cesarean or with the use of medication and intervention. We also work to ensure parents have better feelings around their birthing experience. Read more about the scientific evidence on doulas here.

As your birth mentor, I come with almost two decades of mentoring and supporting families, trauma informed birth work support, prenatal yoga training, meditation coaching, and am trained with Birthing from Within.
I am so incredibly honoured to be a birth worker with
Full Circle Birth Collective, in Edmonton and the surrounding area's.
Read my entire profile on the FCBC website.

Included in my labour & birth package:

  • Email, phone or texting support as 


  • Birth management tools, such as a birth pool, a TENS machine, birth ball/peanut ball, and more.

  • Birth photography.

  • Discount on other classes and services through FCBC

  • And much more

Postpartum support

From the beginning of time communities have gathered around gestational parents and their families to welcome the new baby Earth side. Through the development of cities and the change of roles in the home, birthing parents have found themselves miles, if not oceans away from their families and loved ones. And often, when you live even moments away our daily lives no longer support the ongoing challenges of parenting.

After the birth of my first born I saw the realism of postpartum that no one can prepare you for. The longing for connection, the need for resources, the compassion for the new challenges and the consistent lack of support. I had already been working with families as a liaison and preschool teacher. In early learning, we understand that children are the foundation for our future, but in this moment I witnessed an Aha moment that parents are the cement of that cavillation. By nurturing the parents to ensure no cracks, strong roots and leveled grounding, children will find themselves stronger, braver and more honest.

I finished my CAPPA postpartum Doula training in May of 2019 and am humbled to show up for my community every time they ask me to hold space for them.

As a postpartum doula I will offer

  • Day or overnight care

  • Emotional support for the birthing parent; a gift of time for naps, showers, and self care

  • Education and support around parents emotions, needs or concerns

  • Education around appropriate, evidence based, non biased support for baby

  • Education around playing, engaging and entertaining baby

  • Feeding; supporting chest, syringe, spoon, cup, tube and bottle feeds

  • Home care; light tidying such as a quick sweep, change of laundry, fold of clothing, load and/or unload dishwasher)

  • Meal prep; supporting with light snacks; prepping meals, or making meals

  • Helping partners adjust

  • Helping siblings adjust; watching the sibling while the parent bonds with babyor watching the baby while the parent connects with the sibling

  • Other unique supports within her scope of practice (yoga, mindfulness, newborn care, postpartum care and sibling care)


Postpartum Services upon request, but are not limited to: Grocery shopping and errand running, infant care while the parent rests, educating the family in baby care and feeding methods following the physicians orders or that of the guidelines of the Canadian Pediatric Society; light housekeeping including but not limited to turning over the laundry or folding items (not including parents and siblings underwear), loading and unloading dishwasher, escorting parents and baby to follow up appointments; providing resources as needed.

Personal Packaged Postpartum care upon request.

Birth story retelling

Retelling the story of your birth can be an enormous portion of transitioning through healing after birth. Some stories leave us with pride, but often stories can also leave birthing parents with grief, sorrow, blame, worry, questions and feelings we cannot seem to describe.

Join me, as I offer to hold space as you move through your birth-story without judgment in a trauma sensitive space.

These sessions are approached with a trauma informed approach, and is absolutely confidential. 

Birth & 4th Trimester

Education classes

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I am a trained Birth Educator and Mentor. While I have loved Birthing from Within as it resonates so deeply with my passion mindfulness, movement and care of the somatic nervous system I do offer birth education and support through various modalities styles from birth and beyond.

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 Please note:

If I do not feel that the concerns you are having is within in my scope of practice, I will offer resources to professionals who can. To find a list of some of these resources please check my resource page. 

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