I was humbled in 2017 becoming a parent for the first time. It has easily been the HARDEST job I have ever done. I was lucky to utilize my education and experience to support him. I recognize that not all parents have been able to watch hundreds of thousands of children grow, and so I am here to offer my hand and heart. In 2020 my son became a big brother and I was promoted to being the parent to two children, while navigating the feelings and emotions which come with my son taking his new title.


It seems to never matter how many children I meet, not one is the same!  I come from a gentle and mindful, yet fair and firm philosophy and can help you work through these leaps and bounds.

Coaching includes but is not limited to:

  • Behavioural (biting, hitting, fighting etc)

  • Emotional (whining, clingy, anxious etc)

  • Developmental (pottying, fine motor, gross motor etc)

  • Social

  • Destructive

  • Sibling support

All of my parent coaching is derived from science-based Early Learning theories and Gentle Parenting procedures and creating a Circle of Security. 

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 Please note:

If I do not feel that the concerns you are having is within in my scope of practice, I will offer resources to professionals who can. To find a list of some of these resources please check my resource page. 

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