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Labour & Birth support

Prenatal Portrait

Birth after trauma, whether this is your first birth post a traumatic event, or this is a subsequent pregnancy after a previous birth trauma, can create an abundance of feelings and emotions.

You deserve to birth in a space where you are heard, supported, and safe. Hiring a birth attendant who understands the complexity of trauma, and what happens in the body, can help make you adjust to personal pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum.
My priority as your doula is to honour your birth, your way, and protect not only the environment but your nervous-system so you can do what feels right for you.

I hired Asha because of my previous traumatic birth, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her support. Asha helped me feel calm and supported not only during the birth, but throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. She always replied to me promptly, acknowledged my feelings and provided guidance when appropriate. She encouraged healthy expression of emotions and was a great mentor in easing our transition from one to two children."

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