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Birth Prep Classes and Workshops

There is little in this world you can truly be prepared for, but how you feel during your labour and delivery is bigger than knowing what will happen first, then and last. 

In my classes, I aim to use my holistic, inclusive, evidence-based approach, to support those on their birth journey. Utilizing my own experience, training with Birthing from Within and years as a professional birth attendant, to aid participants with understanding birth is not just a primitive experience like those ancestors who birthed before us, but an experince with Modern supports, and personal desires and needs. It is time to bring birth back as a ritual rite of passage, while honouring the best practices that those bringing baby earth side wish for.

Class options include:

  • Birth Prep

  • Birthing from Within

  • VBAC

  • Sibling Prep

  • Nurturing Newborns


Public group classes coming soon​

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