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-Sacred Story Sharing-

Birth Story Retelling

Research shows that there is power in sharing your story around the journey to birth and postpartum. Despite the rewards, sharing these stories are not always comfortable or do not always feel safe. 

Whether your birth was a glorious experince, or left you with trauma, all birth stories are valid, and worthy of sharing. Because when humans share their stories, we heal not only within ourselves, but our ancestors and our future generations.

What to Expect:
Sessions are offered in person, or virtually. Some people feel better after one session, and others prefer to get together a few times. The sessions run 60-90 minutes of uninterrupted time.
Due to the sensitivity and boundaries within time, it is best if child care is organized. If this is not an option, please be sure to mention it so we can make these sessions safe and accommodating if possible.

Who books these sessions?

  • Those who had a scary or uncomfortable situation before, during or after their birth

  • Those who are scared to have subsequent pregnancies or other children

  • Those who have unanswered questions 

  • Those who are unsure if their birth was traumatic

Those who know their birth was traumatic

​Who is Asha?
Asha is a birthworker, yoga teacher, a Birthing from Within Mentor, and a birth trauma survivor. After her traumatic birth with her first born she began her own healing journey. 
Certifications for debrifing supports include

Birth Story Debriefing with Dancy Perinatal
Sacred Story Keeping with Jennifer Summerfedlt
Trauma Yoga Teacher
Birthing From Within Birth Mentor


Therapy Session
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